Monday, August 20, 2012

Flower Boxes from Repurposed Wood

We recently repainted our house from white to grey, and painted the door red.
newly painted!
We wanted to create accent pieces to complement the door, so we decided to make flower boxes (that would also hopefully block some of the ugly front steps!)

Resources: a 30.5" x 62" section of old deck lattice, an old pallet, an old fence section, and some lengths of square dowel
Tools: hammer, drill, miter saw, table saw, screws, nails, and a staple gun
First, Mike deconstructed an old pallet (sorry, no pictures of that...)
...then he cut up the base of the pallet, and mitered the edges to create a frame. 
Then we cut slats from the pallet, and nailed them on our frames to create two mini pallets. 

Then we cut the lattice in half, lengthwise, then into eight sections. 

Once we had all the sides measured and cut, we cut lengths of square dowels for the interior corners, to attach the sides to, and to provide stability.
Once the frames were constructed, we set them on top of the bases, to make sure they fit.
Next, we wanted to trim the corners for good measure, and to make them look a little neater.
Mike cut some  slats from an old fence section, and mitered them to create corner trim, and we attached them with screws.

 Mike is a master with a miter saw!
 The last step before painting was to make a trim for the top...
I almost liked it better before we nice and rugged!

Finally we got to paint them!
 The painting part took forever though!

Final step: find some nice plants and put these on either side of our from steps!

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  1. C.S. Lewis paints a stunning picture of hell in his book: The Great Divorce...

    I however, submit that a more accurate picture of hell would be eternally painting lattice with a small brush... it just takes forever.....